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BaxterKrause recruits high-level talent for many dynamic global industries



Severe talent shortages will continue to jeopardize the global success of OEMs and Tier 1, 2 and 3 partners. BaxterKrause is one of the most experienced and well-connected recruiters in the automotive industry for companies in the US, Europe and Asia. Our expertise includes a high- level understanding of the business issues facing suppliers and OEMs resulting in the successful placement of many high level positions.

Creating diversity in leadership is a mandate for many companies building a strong workforce for the future. We have successfully worked with clients to place exceptional candidates across gender, race and nationality who drive innovation, reflect customer demographics, bring a multi-cultural perspective and provide better decision making for future growth in the new global marketplace.


Oil&Gas is one of the worlds leading industries ranging from 

product allocation in the petroleum field to plastics and pharmaceuticals in the medical field. The Oil and natural gas industry plays a major part in the resources we consume daily. BaxterKrause prides itself on placing top level executives in the industries leading companies throughout the world.

To ensure continuous innovation in the healthcare industry, companies need leadership. BaxterKrause finds executives that are prepared to lead the Biological and Medical technology sectors of the Healthcare/Life Sciences industry throughout our extensive global network.

Life Sciences
Heavy Machinery

Under pressure to drive down costs, focus on continuous improvement and expand globally, skilled leadership is imperative for meeting customer demands and manufacturer’s goals. BaxterKrause recruits high-caliber talent for both plant operations and the executive suite with access to a wide network of international senior talent who understand the importance of bottom line and operational success.

Rapid technological advances, global production needs and increased travel demand will continue to drive aviation/aerospace employment for individuals with critical engineering, technical and leadership skills. BaxterKrause understands the success factors executives must possess to advance a company's development.

Consumer Goods&

New product innovation, emerging global markets and consumer demand for value is driving consumer goods companies to compete for the best senior-level talent. BaxterKrause has consultants who have worked in a variety of consumer industries and know how to deliver the right candidates for fast moving and narrow profit margin markets.

Transforming raw materials into industrial materials used in finished parts or products is critical in the manufacture of a large variety of hard goods. The industry demands top-level engineers and executives to maintain cost-effective solutions in sectors where BaxterKrause is the recruitment expert.

Building Products/

"The process was well structured, efficient and professional. I was particularly pleased with BaxterKrause's ability of understanding our company needs as well as a questionnaire they had created to help us evaluate background, strengths and weaknesses of each prospect."



Director of Operations, Global Building Materials Company