Before starting every new search, our consultants gain in-depth knowledge of the client’s company and the position to be filled. Through detailed interviews with the hiring manager, human resource executives and other senior leaders, our team is able to learn firsthand about the important factors that make the company unique; things like business goals and corporate culture. In the same way, our ability to gain a clear picture of all the requirements and characteristics of the position ensures we are looking for the individual who will best fit the role. In most cases, our consultants work with clients to develop the actual job description. The document is crucial for helping potential candidates to fully understand the level of skills and experience that is required, as well as providing clear insight into the expectations of the role.



There’s more than one way to find talent and BaxterKrause employs a variety of professional tactics for locating candidates. Our vast network of connections and access to proprietary databases, allows us to identify candidates from many sources and parts of the world. Throughout the search process, BaxterKrause recruiters spend more time with candidates than is typical to uncover characteristics beyond technical skills and experience. This approach provides not only a clear picture of the candidates competencies, but also of their interests, motivation and alignment with the position.



BaxterKrause makes it easy to compare and evaluate the candidates submitted. The comprehensive package we deliver at the conclusion of the search includes a clear presentation of each candidate, along with an analysis of the results gathered of any testing conducted. Again, BaxterKrause works with clients every step of the way during this important point of the search, from reviewing the slate of candidates to scheduling interviews to making the offer. After the new hire starts in the role, BaxterKrause consultants check in periodically, both with the client and the candidate, to help smooth the transition. The risk and the cost of selecting the new hire is mitigated by our continued involvement and by our extended placement guarantee.

BaxterKrause has developed a methodology that digs deeper and searches wider to find the best candidate.

Our PST plan for tactical 



 Precise Pre-Planning
Strategic Searching

 Targeted Talent

"Kevin has a great understanding of the American executive candidate pool, which he uses to secure excellent candidates for consideration. He is unique in that he also has a deep understanding of the European culture and with this understanding he is able to source executives who work well in a European-based multi-national company, especially German-based companies."



Senior Vice President, Global Industrial Gas & Healthcare Company