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Recruiting One of A Kind Talent

Founded by Kevin Krause, a former Industry executive, and entrepreneur, BaxterKrause is an international recruiting firm in Atlanta. The firm is dedicated to finding top talent in manufacturing and distribution companies.


BaxterKrause has successfully established an expansive global reach, placing talent in over 30 countries utilizing a highly diverse team of consultants, recruiters, and experience with many distinct industries, cultures, and professions.

Recruiting One of A Kind Talent

We build long-term partnerships with the best brand names in the world and work to fill some of the most challenging senior roles. These strong relationships allow us to understand a company not only in terms of the required skills but also in terms of the cultural fit that leads to high-performing teams. That’s what our customers expect, and that’s exactly what BaxterKrause has been delivering since it was founded.

Due to the high-level and critical nature of our searches, many are extremely confidential.

Our commitment to honoring that confidentiality is unwavering throughout the process. We highly value our relationships with our candidates and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and discretion. Our candidates trust our professionalism and appreciate our support during the vetting and interview process.

We go beyond identifying candidates by gender, race and nationality.

Our goal is to partner with customers to build a diverse workforce that drives innovation, creates a thorough understanding of challenges and opportunities, reflects customer demographics, brings a multicultural perspective, and fosters better decision-making. Our approach puts the right person in every leadership role and enables our clients to leverage an integrated workforce that provides a competitive advantage and an environment for true equal opportunity.

Managing Partner BaxterKrause LLC

Kevin Krause

Executive recruiting is my passion. I love nothing more than the challenge of finding the single perfect match of technical expertise and relevant career experience in an individual to best serve an organization. Recognizing cultural and character attributes that determine outcomes have been instrumental in our success with companies in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Korea, and Japan. And we continue to expand around the world – building bridges between off-shore corporate entities and US managers. Many of our recruiters have lived abroad and speak second and third languages. Together we are working to establish BaxterKrause as the firm to be trusted with finding top executive talent worldwide. When you’re doing what comes naturally, long-term success is certain.
Personally, I spent over a decade in manufacturing at a senior level with large teams and understand my clients and their needs. It is one thing being a recruiter; it is entirely a different one having long-term executive experience combined with the ability to find special talent. I believe my strength in helping my clients is exactly that: I have walked in their shoes.

Kevin Krause with Baxter Krause

Partner of BaxterKrause

Debra Mercaldo

Debra is an experienced Executive Recruiter and Consultant with extensive global business expertise and a strong background in corporate team leadership and project management. Over more than a decade, she has sourced and placed talent in the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, and Europe.

Before joining BaxterKrause, Debra worked for a Fortune 500 chemical manufacturer where she branded and launched hundreds of products. She also founded and operated a marketing strategy firm in Atlanta where she consulted for a variety of large and start-up companies in the healthcare, chemicals, technology, manufacturing, and professional services industries.

Debra has a BFA in Communications and an MBA in Marketing. She has also received designations as a Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) and Social Media Recruiter (CSMR).

Our clients


VP, Human Resources

“BaxterKrause has proven its ability to find and prepare some of the best candidates I have seen, even where unique skill sets or relocating to a remote area is an issue – like you did for us recently in the placement of an outstanding executive in the Philippines. It is not only your hard work that brings us the success, but the confidence your candidates have that you are looking after their best interests as well.”


Director of Operations, Global Building Materials Company

“The process was well structured, efficient and professional. I was particularly pleased with BaxterKrause’s ability of understanding our company needs as well as a questionnaire they had created to help us evaluate background, strengths and weaknesses of each prospect.”

VP of HR, Tier 1 Global Automotive Supplier

“I have been quite impressed with the interest and ability of the BaxterKrause team to comprehend not only the tasks of the position but the scope and culture of the organization. You spent a considerable amount of time upfront speaking with the hiring manager and other decision-makers in the process to understand the full breadth and depth of the company.”

Senior Vice President, Global Industrial Gas & Healthcare Company

“Kevin has a great understanding of the American executive candidate pool, which he uses to secure excellent candidates for consideration. He is unique in that he also has a deep understanding of the European culture and with this understanding, he is able to source executives who work well in a European-based multi-national company, especially German-based companies.”

VP, HR of Building Products company

“The candidates sent were very strong, and possessed the skill, ability and experience that met our stringent demands for the position. Many thanks.”

VP of Global Human Resources

“In the twenty years I’ve been in Human Resources I’ve never worked with an Executive Recruiter as customer focused as Kevin. The quality of his work is excellent and he provides the most detailed and thorough analysis on each candidate. I highly recommend Baxter Krause for anyone who has staffing needs.”